We are writing this blog for one reason and one reason only. To provide a vehicle to make it easier to remain in touch with our family and friends back home.

Our plan is simple. Depart our home port of Goderich Ontario in the Summer of 2011. Cruise Georgian Bay and the North Channel of Lake Huron while visiting some of the ports and anchorages we have missed over the years. As well as revisiting some of our favourite haunts hopefully with some of our very good friends with whom we have cruised with many times before. All the while adding up the miles and gaining experience with our new trawler. Our first and only self imposed deadline is to be in the Chicago area around Labour Day. South of Chicago, weather and circumstances will guide us!

Friday, July 19, 2013

June 21-25, 2013 – New Baltimore, NY

While Rondout Yacht Harbor was peaceful, it was a little light on amenities especially when staying an indefinite period of time.  As we chatted with another boater at this marina, he mentioned he had reservations just up the river at Shady Harbor, New Baltimore, NY.  It was worth a try and would get us closer to the Erie Canal.

Again we had a very pleasant trip travelling the Hudson River.   We arrived at Shady Harbor and managed a very tight squeeze into our spot against a swift current with the help of the harbor-master and dockhand.  Here we waited with many other boaters in anticipation for word that the Erie Canal was open and operational.  By now the local marinas were being filled up with loopers and other boats anxious to be moving north.

We very much enjoyed the amenities at Shady Harbor, including a great restaurant, courtesy car and well stocked ships’ store; however there always seems to be something!  On one of our hottest days thus far our power went off – that’s right – no air conditioning!  All the boats at our end of the long dock were experiencing the same.  After over an hour with no change and no sign of electricians that day, Mark took the bull by the horns and asked to be moved to a dock with working power.  We were settled in just before the sky opened up and it began pouring!  Perfect, we were now staged to make an easy getaway early next morning.

Now you know that Mark is a man of action, always with a plan.  He called ahead to the marina closest to the last lock on the Erie Canal that was open (#7) and got reservations for the following day.  So-o-o we were “in” with the last open spot at Schenectady Yacht Club, NY.

chimmny ruins along the Hudson

Light house

Terrmar @ end of long dock

Marina restaurant

Looking south over Hudson River

More rain!

Mark with courtesy car

Industry on the Hudson

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